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Come home to your authentic self, finding harmony from within

Your happiness & emotional well-being matters. 

Feeling like you are in control of your emotions and your thoughts, instead of being overwhelmed by them. 

Feeling at ease with you you are, and not being afraid to show it. 

And feeling confident standing up for yourself and what you need, even if that means saying no when something doesn't serve you, without feeling ashamed or guilty. 

You deserve to live your life feeling at ease with who you are. 

I'm Tasha,

Your grounded healing and embodiment life coach, and scientist turned healer. Together we tackle your blocks and patterns, so you can reawaken your true authentic essence, and lead a life filled with ease, confidence and happiness. 

With a balance of masculine structure and feminine flow, bringing you a holistic mixture of modern science and spirituality. 

I guide you to reawaken your connection with your body, intuition and your soul. I support you to find out who you are beneath all the blocks & patterns, and embrace who you truly are with confidence.

Want to reawaken the strength you have within? Remembering your inner worth & growing in confidence?

I'd love to show you the power you have within. 

don't we know each other?

Get comfy and read a bit more about me and my story here.

Awaken the Powerful Parts within you so that you feel confident to create the future your Soul desires.

One-on-one healing & embodiment coaching

Tackle your current struggles, release the emotional blocks and be guided as you deepen your spiritual healing journey one intentional step at a time. 

Let me guide you to find the answers within, and the tools that can help you break free and move forward with ease. 

Do you know that feeling when you're between people and wanting so badly to feel at ease and be yourself...

but the fear of not fitting in, not being accepted or not feeling like you're good or interesting enough is holding you back?

That's where I come in. 

Stuck to Soul aligned is my signature 1-on-1 coaching container, where I teach you everything you need to know from dealing with triggers and letting go of negative emotions, to reconnecting with your intuition and stepping into your empowered goddess with confidence.

A 4-month deep dive for the woman ready to step into her power, find harmony and create the life her Soul has been longing for. 

"Awesome! So many insights that came out so quickly... I've never had that - except with my very experienced therapist!

If you're ready to dive deeper, I would recommend working with Tasha, because asking the right questions and practicing embodiment is so hard to do on your own. And being guided also means constantly working on this topic instead of giving up after a few weeks. And becoming reconnected with my body, my emotions & my needs resulted in so many breakthroughs! "

- Isa T.

Image by Brooke Cagle

"My biggest struggles were negative and self-sabotaging beliefs... less connection with my body and emotions, less grounding.

I struggled with my feeling of self-worth and self-esteem... but embodiment is what surprised me the most! Reconnecting to yourself helps so much to get to know yourself and feel grounded in your body. 

On this journey you learn so many tools from different areas (Mindset, meditation, embodiment and so on) & Tasha's knowledge how to combine them has no price! It's a really holistic approach that I have never seen before in other coachings."

- Anna N.


"I felt highly supported & I always felt like Tasha really understood my feelings. And during our time together I liked the tools that were given to me and I really liked it that I could use the Voxer Voice Messenger in a difficult situation.

Tasha will help you as soon as possible in any situation and you can count on her. She's always given me a safe feeling and helped me to be more self confident.

After the sessions I always had a good feeling of having done something for myself. And now I have a lot of cool tools to help me in my everyday life."

- Minou H.

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I'd love to learn more about you, your goals and your journey. You can connect with me on Instagram and find me here: @growhappywith_tasha

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