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Guiding you to remember your innate worth & awaken
the strength within you through embodied healing

Do you...


Do you find it hard to let go around other people?

To express who you truly are & form deep connections?

To stand by your needs & opinions & protect your energy?

To just go for what you want without overthinking or doubting your decision?

Discover yourself &
your spirituality in a grounded, practical way

One that doesn't feel overwhelming, unachievable, "woo woo" or detached from your 'real' life. 

One that doesn't make you feel terrible when you can't be positive & grateful ALL THE TIME! 
Everyone is different.
And I support you to find your foot in the door of embodying your true, confident Self. The first little thing that works for you, and then the next, and then the next. 

Until it just feels right.

This journey will change how you interact with and relate to yourself and others.

Ultimately, it will change the way you live your life:

how you interact with your mind, how you feel in your body & how you look at your own story.

Awaken the Powerful Parts within you so that you feel confident to create the future your Soul desires.

Hi, I'm Tasha.

And I help women feel safe & grounded in their bodies, so they can discover, accept, heal & confidently BE themselves. 

I always felt like the ‘real’ me was stuck inside. Behind all the struggles, self-sabotaging, masks & pretending. I felt like I wasn’t being myself around other people, but I didn’t know how to simply let go & be at ease with myself & the world. 

I used to wish I was different. I wanted to be like the people I looked up to. The ones that were so enthusiastic. Bubbling with energy & positivity, seeming to float through life. Nothing could bring them down. 

There were so many parts of me that didn’t fit the bill of what I thought I should be. So, I suppressed the parts I didn’t like. The parts I thought were weak or ‘bad’. The parts that didn’t fit into the image of that ever positive, happy, floaty person I thought would bring me happiness. 


I was suppressing who I was, and my soul ached.

This constant pressure to live up to the image I was taught would make me a happy & lovable person finally manifested in my body until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. 


And constantly suppressing, overthinking, stressing & putting my worth on my ability to BE POSITIVE & be BUBBLY ALL THE TIME ended up filling me with guilt, shame and worthlessness. 

As I kept failing to be someone else, I lost trust in myself. 

Before I could truly be confident & at ease, I had to reawaken & embrace all parts of me. 

And as I did, I discovered strengths I never knew I had. I learned that being airy & bubbly wasn’t my essence.

My groundedness was. And this was also the source of my inner power.

My groundedness seeped through my being & my voice, becoming a safe space for me and others. 


I discovered new passions, new desires, and new confidence. And I discovered the healer within me.

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You have everything you need within you already, too. 

I’m here to help you remember your voice, your worth, your wisdom.

That’s what will help you find the power to heal yourself and create your own future. 

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Are you curious to find out what this journey may teach you about yourself?

Explore ways to work with me to heal & embody your authenticity below

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I love to learn more about you, your goals and your journey. You can connect with me on Instagram and feel free to binge my LARGE bank of juicy content here: @growhappywith_tasha

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In this Free Self-Healing Workbook and Guide, I share with you my framework to get behind those pesky triggers, and a short easy-to-do practice you can do every time you feel triggered, that will help you release the negative emotions, clear your mind and bounce back in no time!

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